June 10, 2016


Wendy is a serial entrepreneur that believes actions speak louder than words. With a talent for “getting things done”, Wendy has been called the “Queen of Process”.  Completeit Consultants helps organizations succeed by identifying goals, creating processes, and implementing those processes thereby moving the business towards what they seek to achieve.

Wendy’s initiatives demonstrate to customers the need for process and how processes can strengthen, add value and grow their business.  No matter what area a business may need assistance in, Completeit Consultants can offer answers.  We know the day-to-day challenges that businesses face because we have businesses and have faced them ourselves.   If you want improvement and change in your business, you need to do things differently than you have up to this point.  Set up a consultative appointment with Completeit Consultants to see how process can set your business on the road to success and can set you free!

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